Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles: TNS Eye Repair

Yes, we all want to know how to get rid of dark circles under eyes now! NOW!!  While there is no magic bullet there are effective products available a that can drastically reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyesSkin Medica TNS Eye Repair

After years of experience, we are pleased to recommend this eye cream for dark circlesSkinMedica TNS Eye Repair is our  favorite product to rapidly improve eye skin texture and reduce darkness.       

best eye cream for dark circles SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair

Our Review

SkinMedica has a respected reputation as providing cutting edge ingredients alongside proven anti-agers.  TNS Eye Repair follows that successful model and not only reduces the appearance of dark circles under eyes but also improves the overall appearance of the eye area and lengthens lashes to boot. This is bar none the best under eye cream for dark circles. 

We found:

  • Great formula with Vitamins A, C and E working together in an effective delivery system that reduces the darkness of the skin
  • The addition of Hyraulonic Acid is a bonus keeping the skin around the eyes  moist and plump.
  • Most users report their eyelashes growing noticibly longer, an unintended but welcome consequence!

What we REALLY like:

  •  Skinmedica TNS Eye Repair contains the powerful Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media which “convinces” your skin to act younger and turns on the mechanisms that actually tighten and thicken skin.  
  • Firm skin has less shadows and thicker skin reveals less darkness from visible blood vessels.  Very few products address these top dark circles under eyes causes
  • The top of the line Peptides and Antioxidants available here combine forces to lighten dark pigment,  the other top common dark circle around eyes cause.

best eye cream for dark circles

Bottom Line:

  • SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair combines time tested ingredients documented to improve the appearance of dark circles with cutting edge ingredients.
  • We have a long track record of using this product and can attest that our eyes look brighter and generally younger after a few weeks of use. 
  • We think this is an excellent price point for a product that contains so many great ingredients. TNS Eye Repair is the best eye cream for dark circles that we have used on our clients and ourselves.

dark circles


Q: Where can I buy?
A: Available online by clicking here, at dermatologists offices and upscale spas.  Prices via Amazon are $25 – $30 less than at other online sellers or when purchasing at spas or offices.

Q: How much?
A: Currently available with free Prime Shipping on Amazon at $62.00 (This is a great price, almost half of the retail price seen elsewhere)

—-> Direct link here to lowest current price online via Amazon with free Prime Shipping

Q: How big is one jar?
A: The standard size is .5 oz

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