What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

To figure how how to get rid of dark circles under eyes begins with knowledge. What are the major causes of dark circles under your eyes? There are multiple reasons that can lead to the appearance of dark circles. Once you understand your personal causes you will be better able to treat the problem.

dark circles around eyes

Cute on him but not on us!

Thinner isn’t always better
Being thin skinned is bad in personality and underneath your eyes. One of our favorite health guru’s Dr. Mercola explains the thinning skin issue much better than we ever could saying, “The reasons for dark circles are varied, but they all start with the difference in thickness of the skin around your eyes….Thinner skin means the blood vessels under your skin are more visible to the naked eye and produce a different color to your skin.”how to get rid of dark circles under eyes

But I didn’t used to have this issue under my eyes you say. Well Dr. Mercola notes that, “As you age, your skin also loses collagen and elasticity, making the skin thinner and your circles more prominent.” (You can find the link to his full article below).

More places to worry about sagging
As we age we tend to notice sagging in places we never even dreamed skin could sag. Well the eye area is yet another area where sagging rears its ugly head. As the skin thins and loses elasticity as we noted from Dr. Mercola above it not only reveals blood vessels but it creates shadows. These shadows appear to make the eye area look darker.

Both thinning and sagging skin find relief from similar treatments.  Over the counter treatments that thicken and restore bounce to the skin are your best bet . Vitamin C and other antioxidants have long been believed to thicken and restore facial elasticity. Peptides firm the area making shadows and bags less apparent. Not to toot our own horn but the product we recommend on this site, TNS Eye Repair, also includes Human Fibroblast Media. A strange named ingredient that is the best skin thickening agent we have ever used. It communicates with the cells to act more like they did when they were younger actually making skin thicker and more elastic.

More than Just Freckles

how to get rid of dark circles under eyes
Pigmentation from too much sun exposure can cause more problems than extra freckles or wrinkles. It can also cause darkening of the skin around the eye. Sometimes this pigmentation is genetic as well. This is one of the most classic causes of eye darkness. Since the eye area is so sensitive one cannot pile on strong skin lighteners. That would leave the eye area dehydrated, possibly scarred and looking wrinkly. Instead people should use products formulated for the eye area with safe brighteners like Vitamin C which have been shown to decrease eye pigmentation and tone.

Contact Dermatitis
Occasionally people may notice sudden onset darkening under the eyes. This is often irritant related and people are advised to stop using any new products near the eyes, be gentle when washing face and avoid rubbing eyes until the issue calms down. This is just a temporary issue affecting the very sensitive skin around the eye and will usually resolve itself on its own.

In Conclusion
No matter the cause, most of us have dark circles under our eyes. Thankfully there are treatments available for purchase or treatments even made at home that reduce their appearance. Most issues that cause dark eye circles are hereditary or age related so our best bet is to understand the root causes and treat our eyes safely to reduce the dark appearance.

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